Monday, 8 February 2016

Ice Facial

Hello, every one winter has it own beauty but on the other side this charming and beautiful season makes our skin most vulnerable. Get glowing with this winter and for this you have to feed your skin with cold and ice.

Yes, you heard me correct.....ICE. Now you might ask why ICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice therapy has proven to minimize the pore size, controls the oil production, helps to reduce pre mature ageing by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, it scrubs away the dead cells and there are lot more  to add on but  I will stop here.

What you need for An ICE Facial :

Clean face - Make sure you have no make up on while doing this and best time to perform this beauty ritual is before bed.
An ice cube - You can use mineral water or normal water to prepare cube. Herbal infusion is the best alternative and will do magic on your skin. For this all you have to do is to know you skin type once you know that you can add herbal portion accordingly to land up with beautiful skin.

How To Use Ice Cube On Skin

Gently wipe ice cube on clean face and neck in little circular massaging moves. Do not be harsh with your skin as it can damage capillaries under the skin. Massage for 5 - 10 minutes.
Once done allow you skin to dry naturally to gain all the benefits from this treatment but if you want , , you can pat dry.

Once done apply your favourite night cream.

That was it.

Regular use of ice cube will leave your skin with beautiful glow making you look gorgeous even with no make up on.

Let me know how ice facial benefited on your skin and soon I will post the herbal infusion which you can use on ice facial according to skin type.

Until next time take care and stay beautiful:-)