Sunday, 14 February 2016

Beauty Hacks - Using Baby Powder

Hello, today I am sharing  five cool ways to use baby powder.

1. So most common way to use baby powder is to use as a dry shampoo.
It works the same as any other branded dry shampoo. For this you have to put some powder on your hands, rub them together and apply to the roots of the hair. This is going to absorb any excess oil in your hair, leaving fresh smell and will add volume.

2. We can make some matt nail polish.

All you have to do is mix regular nail polish with baby powder. It will go as 2 part  of nail polish and 1 part of baby powder.

3. Another way to use baby powder is as a lash enhancer.

Get a clean mascara wand or sterilize from old tube of mascara. Dip in the baby powder and you will apply this between the the coats of your mascara routine. This is going to give thicker lashes which will be more volume.

4. De tangle your accessories.

just sprinkle some baby powder on the tangle and wall-ah !!!!!
It makes the entangling so much easier.

5. As a setting powder to lock your make up.

Grab a big fluffy brush dip it in baby powder then run it over your face to keep nice and stabilize for hours.

That raps up my 5 beauty hacks with baby powder. If you have any question, comments or suggestion leave them below or can directly write to me directly.

Until next time take care and stay beautiful.