Saturday, 23 January 2016

How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro : Mascara Application

 Hello,girls. This is a make-up one on one review.
Just writing about very basic for all of you who just started wearing make up and one of those is "how to apply mascara"

So if you want to sure how to get that right effect with full lashes of mascara. I will give some great pointers today and show you how to do that like a pro.

So the first thing you always need for this is a mascara, my favourite mascara is the lo'real butterfly mascara, it is really good for thickening the lashes and its super dark so it makes sure that your lashes look thick.

Remember to scrape out the excess so you do not get too much and it doesn't get clumpy.

Curl your eyelashes. Heated eyelashes curler works best.
Now look straight forward
Pull the lashes inwards at least 3 times
Now, fan the lashes back out  from base of moving side to side sweep up it up  at least three times or keep doing this until you get the desired thickness.
Paint each lash by pushing the end of the  mascara wand up
Wiggle the mascara wand across the bottom lashes.

Tips : To avoid getting mascara on your face tilt head forward when applying mascara to your lower lashes or you can take  a business card and flip it under your lash line and behind your upper lash line then apply your mascara, trust me you won't get any product on your lid or under eye area.
- To make lashes look even thicker apply eye-liner to the upper waterline. For this pull up
your upper lashes and apply the liner to the upper waterline. The dark base automatically thickens the lashes

And you are done. I hope now you know how to apply mascara the right way.