Sunday, 6 December 2015

Primer Tips And Tricks

Hi every one today I'm going to share 5 primer tip that you may or may not know. I''m not a great fan of primer because most of the foundation which i use are silicon based and primers are silicon. The face becomes very very heavy quickly on application of primers.

1. Lot less primer. So, what ever primer you are using use less. This will make your makeup much better and less heavy. Primers are must have in make-up routine but we use way much, we use pumps of it which is too much.

2. Tinted primer are must as it  enhances the skin which is to brighten and correct. Lots of primer do that. Make-up revolution forever have wonderful range of primers which are very good and have colour correcting properties either in green which really brightens the skin, blue which does same sort of thing reduces the hollowness of skin a bit, yellow to contrast the redness these properties are really excellent specially if your skin lacks the radiances.Primers with shimmers adds illumination to your skin by brighting so you can skip adding luminizers  to your moisturisers  or after primer. That is actually a great thing

3. Make sure that you go right underneath your lash line which will increase longevity of the concealer. In will also help in preventing caking  or cracking. For this you can use an eye primer which will seal and protect your concealer from creasing.

4.Use primer on the eye lids. Put some primer on the backside of your hand, wait till it gets really tacky. Lift your eyelid and using another finger apply primer all over the eye lid. It will also coat the eye lashes with minimum amount and then when you apply mascara it creates an illusion of thicker lashes. There are mascara primers available which will extremely enhance your eye lashes.

5. If you are primer shy then mix it with your moisturiser/ foundation which will form a thinner texture. He will give a smooth and maximum coverage. Apply the eye primer around the lip line it will prevent bleeding and hold lipstick in place.