Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Monsoon Makeup Tips and Trends

Get ready monsoon tips and tricks.

Monsoon is relief from hot, humid and sweaty summer. Muddy scent after rain brings back childhood and old memories and can set our mood for new experiences.As Indian
Monsoon season is the best time to enjoy “hot cup of tea” with delicious “bhajiyas”. As seasons changes its very important to change our beauty regime.

Beastly Monsoon

Monsoon can be cruel for our skin as it brings humidity. Moist can build fungal and bacterial infections causing rashes, ringworm, skin discoloration.
It’s very important to keep our body dry and in a safe zone. So whenever you get wet in rain make sure to dry yourself. Always carry tissues or face towel in your bag and use it when you are wet. Don't ever wait thinking the water will dry itself, it’s very important to pat dry.
Use talcum powder to keep your body dry. Take at least shower twice, once in morning and once you come home from your work or college. Don't tie wet hair as it will start stinking and  May lead to  headache. In this season make sure you wear loose and comfortable clothes, mostly cotton.
Wash your face thrice a day with a  herbal face wash to let dust and oil never sit on your face.

Oily skin

This skin type is genetically porn to acne and excess oil secretion. To keep this kind of skin clean one must prevent the excess oil production but remember excessive washing can damage your skin.
Excessive washing regime can remove our natural oil. I heard people saying that warm water should not be used on face as Luke and cold water are best. But I did research on it and experimented on myself.
As I have oily skin. I concluded that washing with warm water (Not hot) dissolve skin oil better. Avoid chemical peeling, heavy cream based cleanser and moisturizer. Weekly twice scrub your face with good scrubbing product.
Use multani face pack as the mud absorbs the oil from the pore giving a glowing skin.
For homemade scrub you take Gram flour(1tsp), wild turmeric/turmeric(1/2tsp) and some lemon juice ,mix it well apply on face let it dry for 15-20 minutes. While washing gently scrub your face and apply toner after washing I prefer rose water and last but  not the least apply a good moisturizer.

Dry Skin
Skin when lacks hydration and repairing vitamins becomes dry. Monsoon can worsen the dryness. For dry skin one should use cream based cleanser and moisturizer. As these things hydrates your skin and gives a soft and glowing look.
Alcohol based toner or any products are big no no for dry skin as it removes moist layer of the skin causing dryness.
Mix 1/2 tsp of rose water and ½ tsp of glycerin and ½ of honey apply this on face. Wash it off after 15 minutes, it will give a very soft and moist skin.

Combination Skin

This type of skin is oily on t-Zone and cheeks are dry. So as it’s a combination of dry and oil skin. Thus the take care procedure is also two ways.
"The dry area requires gentle cleansing and regular moisturizing. The oily part needs to be deeply cleansed and toned with regular scrubbing.
So you can follow the above advise on respective zones.

Makeup tips for Monsoon dos and donts 

Girls I know we all love to put makeup!!!! To glam up we spend so many hours to archive that gorgeous Diva look.
  • Always apply water proof makeup to avoid smudging issues.
  • Apply bright and pop up shades but make sure they are matte.
  • Let shimmer and glitter rest in your vanity case because in this seasons we don’t need them in this dripping season.
  • Use gel base products like gel eyeliner or kajal, moisture and primers if you are out for longer
  • “Less is more” so girls go minimum and avoid dark black eye makeup.
  • Please steer away from liquid foundation as it might look blotchy.
  • Keep it simple.
I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any suggestions and queries please feel free to post in comment below as i will be working on it.
Until next week stay Gorgeous. :-)