Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Anti Acne Oil Control Face Wash Review

Hi guys,
Today I'm reviewing "Lotus Tea Tree & Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash..I have oily skin and in past I suffered from severe breakouts. I found this product in a local drug store and thought of  giving a try. "Anti acne" in its name just made me to buy it.

So, here is my review on this product.

Lotus Tea Tree & Cinnamon Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash is specially  formulated for acne and oily- skin. This anti-acne oil control face wash contains tea tree oil, Cinnamon, And oak Bark extracts which removes excessive oil while regulating the sebum(oil) production in the skin. These special ingredients in this premium face wash decrease acne type lesions and combat free radicals leaving the skin fresh, clean and clearer.

Price & Quantity
Rs 175 (2-3 $) for 120g.  

Other Ingredients

Tea tree and cinnamon extracts

Usage Directions
Squeeze a small quantity on wet palm of your hand. Apply on wet face with circular motions. Wash Off. Use regularly morning & evenings.

Shelf Life
3 Years.

My impressions

Gel based face wash, which contain white beads granules for gentle exfoliation. I love its herbal smell but many people find it annoying. While it comes to packaging for this product Lotus did a hygienic job because it is nicely pac

ked in a tube with flip top cap.But you need to be careful while pouring it on your hand, as it have runny consistency not thick like other gel face washes. Use small quantity its enough to clean your face and if needed then it's different. Sometimes it leaves oily and slippery effect after wash. I normally follow up with a good toner which helps to reduce the slippery and oily effect.
Guys please do not think that rubbing your face will help to get the the slippery effect out, its just going to damage your skin. Wash your face gently.

It cleans all debris from your skin. Pat dry your face gently after wash. It keeps my skin oil free for 5-6 hours keeping the skin moisturized.
It does not clear severe acne but does clear blackheads, whiteheads, mild acne and pimples.
This product is for maintenance not for cure. Here i mean to say that if you want an acne free skin you need to take care of other parameters also. Depending on this face wash or any anti acne product will not help your acne to get its root out.

For example - If you have very oily diet (junk foods etc) which can cause severe pimple/acne and you are depending on this product entirely to get rid of acne, trust me guys its not going to help you. This product can help to reduce the chances of getting acne type lesions and combat free radicals but if you, yourself giving your skin such horrible food. Then it will be no use of using such products.

I have seen many people who reviewed on an anti acne products saying it does not work on acne etc. which they normally bold in product Con's  and they conclude saying that " I will search for a better product".but i feel that's not how it works. Without considering other parameters we can't blame a product.

I suffered severe acne problem for years i did all things which people said, tried different anti acne product, acne diy, wild turmeric etc and i got magical results. I have seen magical results changing into nightmare covering my skin with acne and pimples..
It took me years to understand that its me who is responsible and made me understand the fact that " i never gave chance to my anti-acne products to maintain my skin".

I'm speaking here on this topic with experience. My only advise to you is " take care of your skin because its very precious and we are the only one who can understand it better than any one".